*Population exceeded*, thrall deleted, private server

Online private
No mods

I lost an inconsequential thrall to Population exceeded as noted in the first attachment below. It does not concern me, but I fear it may have an impact on private servers in the future. Coupled with the feeding bug, it may have a drastic effect on private servers and their population.

The second screenshot clearly shows Use Minion Population Limit as disabled and has remained off since the system addition.

The thrall was placed before the December release and clearly ‘legacy’. No further occurrences were shown in the Event Log after December 19 of last year.

If this was patched out after it happened, please accept my apologies; if further information is required, it will be gladly provided.




Please disregard the above as a bug in the sense that the population control is in place.

That appears to be the message that is generated when one ‘Breaks Bond’ with a follower and I can equate the message with my actions. My apologies for the potential confusion.

I do think, however, that calling ‘Break Bond’ a form of ‘Population Control’ will lead others to post as I did and suggest a different term in the event log.



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