Poris master carpenter?

Hey found a carpenter in the den and it is called Poris Master Carpenter
is he a t4 carpenter or purge or what is he?

Sounds like a T3 (with a name) to me.

Okay, thought the same, since I can’t see it in conan wiki

It is a new T4 actually.

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How do you know?

Indeed, new T4. All named thralls are T4. Another thing you could do to check is hit it with your fists. If the hp bar has a yellow border, it’s a T4.

This one did not have yellow bar, but witch doctor don’t have either

I asked @Testerle to look it up, but it’s available on the wiki map:

That must be a change… last time I farmed witch doctor it had a yellow bar. Haven’t farmed him though since the Warmaker patch.

Its a new T4, so wasnt added to the wikki yet. get to work! :stuck_out_tongue:

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