Thrall type question

Is wheel of pain thrall “master” is tier 4?

Unfortunately it is a T3. The apprentice and journeyman, are T1 & 2.
If you’d care to travel slightly north I believe there should be a (nearly) guaranteed T4 spawn, to the east of Mounds of the Dead, in Ravaged Barrows.

Good luck!


Ravaged Barrows in currently only got skeletons in…been 3 times in last few days…only skele’s No taskmaster? Has this spawn been changed?


I’ll check, hold on. I hope not as he also drops Thorgar’s Crest, needed for the Pride Of Aesir Armor.

Yes he still spawns inside the hut :grin:

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On my second run back there yesterday, finally found him. Took 5 attempts to find the t4, with 4 of them only skeletons!

But cheers for help and checking, sorted now.


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