Porting on the new generation

@Hugo @Community @Ignasis is there any plan to port the game on new generation consoles?
Or do you have any other similar game in development?

PS5 should be backwards-compatible, so there’s no need to “port” the game. It should work just fine as it is.

As for remaking the game in order to utilize the new, improved technology? I highly doubt it. It’s not cost-effective.

As for future releases for the next generation, the company’s marketing department is responsible for the strategy for releasing information, teasers and plans for future releases.

I’m, pretty sure this is a “In-House” question that wont see light of day for sometime.

Will Funcom Pick up PS5/X1X-8000 or w/e hell they call it, Dev Kits? Who knows!

Is Ps5 backwards with ps4? Yes! How it runs it? Who Knows! Cause ya… it depends if ps5 is running actual ps4 hardware, or EMU-ing it… which can lead to issues.

Will it be worth money to make a ps5/x1x version? (I highly doubt, it’ll be free to anyone who nab it on ps4/x1) Would more people buy it? Could they port it cost effectively?

I wouldn’t expect a answer till Sony Shows off ps5 in full. Or sometime after.

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