Positive Feedback

Just wanted to chime in and give y’all some positive feedback on some of the new features. I recognize that some tweaking/revision/additions are going to happen, but I’m liking what’s going on so far.

Battle Pass: I recognize that you have to make money to keep this game going. I’m enjoying what I’m rewarded with as I make progress, and I’m saving my Crom Coins for the next battlepass. Your folks are really creative; keep it up!

Bazaar: got to have a revenue stream, I get it. Some things I like (bigger windows in walls with covers you can pull down, neat!), some things make me go meh. Entirely expected. As you get caught up post launch and get a better feel for what you want to put in this space, I’ll be looking forward to more items and more variety.

Challenges: these are fun! Kind of a to do list that I have to get to anyway, and I get to make progress on my battlepass as a bonus. (I’m really hoping praying by the grave on Telith’s Island will get the ghost to sing. I’ve heard the song is beautiful!) Would love more variety, more things to do, etc., again as you get your feet back under you.

New construction interface: took some getting used to. For a change this big, there’s bound to be a learning curve that folks are just going to complain about. But after I got used to the new keypresses and mouse clicks, I’m building so much faster! Sure some tweaks are going to happen, but don’t let any huge initial negative reaction make you overhaul this too much. It works!

Loving the other bugfixes and qol improvements. (Yes, no grass through my foundations and placeables! I’m going to lie down too…) Some things were missed, and folks are letting you know. I’m confident that you’ll prioritize accordingly, and the game will just get even better.

Lastly, a friendly reminder. Take care of your modders, especially the old veterans. You’ve got some great things coming for them post launch; but prelaunch hurt. Please work to get their goodwill back/improved. These folks make your game so much better, and they’re doing it for free, as you well know.

Thanks for reading! Through this challenging post launch time, survive!


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