Possible bug found with Gold bejeweled set from Debaucheries of Derketo in Isle of Siptah

Aside from crashing my game once while switching between Darfari and bejeweled gold sets (sent error report via dialog prompt), there appears to be a bug between the two: Each individual Darfari armor gives more armor versus the equivalent piece of gold bejeweled. However, the bejeweled gold set gives my character a total of 98 armor, versus a 4/5 Darfari 1/5 Black Hand set (also higher than the bejeweled) giving me a total of 78, which doesn’t make sense unless there is a hidden armor bonus buff somewhere.

Yes there is an indirect buff: The jeweled set offers a total of +9 agility.

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Armor switching crashing the game, has been a problem I have been having in single player mode (PC, no mods) before the expansion. It is a small chance but it happens (say 30% chance). It is an odd crash, for example: I ride out with a thrall. Stop, drag and drop a helm from her inventory to the head slot. Just before it goes to the slot the game crashes. I reload in, the helm is in the head slot like it should be, but here is the strange. My character is dismounted, and some 100 m back from where the character has crashed, where the mount and thrall are awaiting my characters return at the point where the crash happened.
This crash can happen at any time any situation, standing, mounted, drag and drop or right click the armor piece (any, not just helm). One thing is constant is the toon placement, it is always several meters back ( any where from 10 to 100m) from where the crash occurs

These equipment swap crashes are something that only happens in single player. I had them a few times while testing stuff (equipment didn’t seem to matter). I have never had this crash while playing on a server though. :woman_shrugging:

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