Possible chance for finding equipped items from Thrall Corpse

(Originally posted as a Reply) but then decided to delete the reply and make a new Suggestion Topic, Sorry.

I think it would be a good idea if Thralls had a chance at dropping items that they where wearing/using.
If the weapon or a piece of the armor set they where wearing happened to be found have it be at 10% durability so that the weapon/armor found on the corpse would need to be repaired.

This would make it more feasible for players who want to spend their Feat Points on Construction/Decoration Recipes can also get some Weapons and Armor without having the Recipes / Furnace, Blacksmith Bench, Armorer’s Bench etc, that are needed to Craft them.

Or Have a Recipe Schematic in the form of a Note / Journal item with a “One Time Use” that has a chance to drop from Thralls, this Recipe Schematic would be placed in whatever Station would be needed to craft the item along with the required Materials this also would (Require correct Tier Thrall working at Station)

Say a Weapon Recipe Schematic would only drop from a Blacksmith Thrall or an Armor Recipe Schematic would only drop from an Armorer Thrall etc…

The higher Tier the Thrall the better the Recipe Schematic you can find.
But also IF Funcom raised the max level up or adjusted the Feat point amount we need to spend on Recipes so that it will be possible to obtain all Recipes so that this wouldn’t be an issue at all.

Just an idea =)

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