Potential AI Wrong Setting?

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I think the current AI setting(or at least what AI is doing) that there would be only 4 npc at most attacking the player. This also means that if there are more than 4 fighter/archer thralls protecting your craft area, at most you’ll only have 4 actually defend your base.

I tested with the devotee. There are 15 devotee at the vocalno. They all tried to chase me. but even I just stand among them, only four of them will actually attack me, others just watching. And when I killed one of the 4, there will be another one coming up to attack.

I think this could because of the recent patch that tried to make the code/the game more effcient. And the programmer just broke the code or didn’t test it after the revision.

Please look into this and fix it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi. This has always been a thing in the game, not something that has recently started.

When I first noticed this, only 4 of my army of thralls were attacking a rhino which was hitting my base.

I came to the conclusion that this is intended so as to prevent the thralls from hitting each other and killing each other. If too many were to gather around a small target, they would cause more damage to each other than the target.

It is a shame as more fighters would destroy the threat quicker.

Another observation (which I like) is that as your thrall takes damage, they will step back and allow a fresh thrall to take over. This is a good mechanic, just not working perfectly, but still very good behaviour.


Ahh that why! Thank you for the reply. It seems like a nice system actually.