Potential PvE(-C) content



I am not sure if this has been suggested before but a few things could be added to the PvE(-C) servers to spice the gameplay up a bit.

  1. Clan wars/capture the flag: You could add a function where one leader/officer could formally “declare war” with another clan which enables pvp outside the pvp times or allows limited damage to thralls/pets during pvp times. You could also have points of interests on the map that would give certain cosmetic rewards such as specific weapons, outfits or dyes to slightly encourage the competitive aspect. I suggest cosmetic rewards because I understand that it should not be a game breaking aspect of the game which not all players will be able to access (solo players for example). In order to avoid exploiting or “taking turns” to unlock the cosmetic stuff, you could make these cosmetic rewards only available when the clan is in control over the point of interest for example. How the point of interest could work is an obelisk like structure which needs to be attuned to by one clan member and then protected for a certain amount of time to ensure control of the objective. Building would have to be prohibited within a certain vicinity or the buildings would be have to be destructible near the objective. A possible way to make these buildings destructible is to create a “clan war building category” which could be by default destructible.

  2. Arena/Tournament System: There could be a tournament or arena system which could provide unique cosmetic rewards such as titles, outfits and weapons. For starters, a Leadership board could be implemented which rewards the top 3 players of the servers by the end of the week. This can be done in the PVE way where players would fight various NPCs in a 1 on 1 fight or even 1 vs many. As they fight more and more opponents they accumulate points which are added to their overall weekly score. I suggest a PVE layout because sadly pvp could encourage exploiting the system with conceding wins to each other.

I understand that these suggestion sound quite hard to implement but I’d be happy for any amount of content to be added to PVE (-C) Servers as the game does need some replayability as well as goals post level 60. To make this content last for a long time you could make the cosmetic rewards seasonal or monthly so there is a reason to redo the content. Any feedback to my suggestions is always welcome :grin:


You could apply this toward an alliance system for both PvP and pve giving content to all. And to help alleviate the rotating clans create a collection/storage bench and the item is an item that can be picked up after holding the zone for a duration of time. Players would fight for zone control increasing the prizes size and fight for ownership as it is moved back to the new bench? ( Capture the flag style without the reset) and the bench could be asthetically pleasing for players that don’t want or can’t participate it gives them a new clutter piece.


Hey great idea! I posted a suggestion similar not too long ago, and love the idea of capture the flag and all. I suggest that clan wars can be initiated in pve-c that allows damage to buildings and characters until someone claims defeat. Have the damage set to certain hours and days so you can duke it out at reasonable times, and have a reward for winning.


A banner that comes under control for bragging rights?


That’d be cool, or even a ranking board showing who wins the most wars


haha we taked about this Kal in clan chat :smiley:
Im a fan!!!


I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who thinks there should be just a tiny bit more interactive pvp on servers especially pve-c! Your suggestion of having both clans to be able to organise the times of war that would make for an interesting twist. Since it forces you to talk to your clan mates and coordinate the best times and efficiency. I guess you can just leave a setting/option for those who would rather choose to be at war at all times.

Vvanskil, that’s a very interesting idea. I was thinking along those lines when I mentioned points of interest. The banner example is pretty cool though as they could just fly those unique banners on their base walls and stuff.

@Zeas I was thinking of what we talked about while writing it up :slight_smile: what do you think of the arena idea though? Makes for an interesting mini game imo


Like i said before, i feel like there need to be more pvp content as an area for example an arena or something big, where people will be able to fight each other. I dont know how it would work out, if it should be a free world pvp area, with alot of opportunities, where you know the risk of being in that area. Or an event you can queue up for, as team or solo to win rewards. Not game changeing, but still.

Still one of the biggest things for me, is the part where i think in PVE-C, persnally i think you should have the option to raid each other 1-2 times a week. so people actually can plan when their attacks and defenders can prepare for the days that they know of the risk. Otherwise if its to much, i really see a way of working around the part with clan wars. Claim a part of a land, so you can build around a certain amount of space, so people wont build the chinese wall around the whole map. In this map arena (Clan Wars Area) there should be a reason to place themself in a risky area like this by some kind of an reward. But also for the people that feel like pvp could be a bigger part of the content on Pve-C servers. Its makes unexpected things happen, instead of having a safe base and going around in a loop after becoming level 60.

Just my opnion, grammar mistakes may appear :3

Btw i know the option of joining a PVP server makes the content more unexpected, been there along time ago. could not even get startet, before 2-3 level 60s came and destroyed me and all of my friends just starting to play the game, making my friends feeling more or less useless and quit :smiley:

Anyway Cheers everyone!
Cya ingame :smiley:


Sorry to hear that but once you get a foothold PvP can be fun. We had the same issue starting too.


no doubt about that, im no matter what trying to get some experience right now, and then i might try to do a comeback at the PVP servers :smiley:


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