Potion of endowment behaves strangly (not in the way i would expect :P )

not sure why but when i use it it increases my charisma by 0, but i have no charisma skill? not sure what this potion is even for, but it would be great if i could use it to increase the size of certain things temporarily to more accurately fit the description of the item.

if this item actually does something let me know

I take it that your character’s genital can’t get bigger. Hence the zero charisma value.


This potion really increases the size of the penis, but it does not affect the female characters in any way, I recently raised the question why women’s characters should not increase breast size. And yes, his action is called Charisma. But they called me a child who just wants to look at a naked chest. Looking at a huge d_ck, it seems very adult.

Maybe the reason is coz they work differently enough? Then again why not instead make female breasts gain a temporary ragdoll effect? Leave the size to the penis and let the breasts bounce for once. Win-win? :smile:

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