Increased charisma

Increased charisma in female characters should increase breast size


I don’t think “charisma” means what you think it means.

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A “endowment” mean?

At character creation you can change breasts size with a slider. What are you talking about ?

I think the OP referr to the charisma effect of certain potion but…
Dude, this charisma stat is already too much don’t you think ? xD


He is making a reference to the Jewelry that was added in one of the latest updates. They talk about it boosting your charisma maybe but CE not being that sort of game.

oh, well i agree with you, but… ya know… sexile mod.

Jeez, I wasn’t aware of this until just now. They literally made charisma as how big your penis is.

I think I’ve lost some respect for Funcom for doing this.

New fish?

Actually, its a joke, the day I found out that I had a good laugh, a pitty it doesnt work on females.

Also, something tells me that Charisma can be a new stat… (sorcery maybe?). :thinking:


It’s tacky, no matter how you look at it.

You should consider that not everyone has the same thought. A single feature won’t please all the playerbase, hell even the new combat system that is way better than the old one some players are not fond of it.

If this is some sort of prequel where they try to make Charisma related to a sorcery, which I’m not so sure of because this isn’t DnD, and the Conan magic seems different enough that your Charisma should have nothing at all to do with being able to use magic, that is one thing.

If this is literally only included as a way to make bigger penises in the game, then yeah, it’s about as useless an addition as you can have.

How do we know charisma isn’t something they have you to have implemented. In other games charisma is used to reduce the cost of bartering, or buying items. In other charisma determines other qualities, for example, a female characters with high charisma deals more damage and takes less from males.

In the aspect that charisma gives you a bigger ©0(k in CE how do we know that in the future that won’t effect female npcs, maybe on a female characters it’s a non visible stat that doesn’t the same effect. So before we go say it’s a pointless attribute let’s look at the attributes do have, and consider why it’s not an attribute we can actively modify, like agility for instance. In other games agility determines movement, damage dealt with dextrous weapons, and evasiveness. Agility doesn’t effect evasiveness in Conan as there is no %chance to miss. If the hitboxes connect it’s a gaurunteed hit Everytime. Charisma could play a huge role in combat in the future. And who know, you may be able to use that massive annconda you’ve attained through said charisma potion, jewel, and/or fish, as a truncheon. To knock those thralls out.

How humiliating would it be, to constantly take stamina damage from a massive schlong?

Just because you think funcom derserves a -1 for adding this to the game, doesn’t mean jack all. Do you even comprehend the concept of a barbaric community. Charisma means alot.

According to Conan lore, and previous Dev statements not only will they not be implementing sorcery but sorcery would deffinately not be related to charisma what so ever. As sorcery takes a toll in your health, it would cost to to cast, and it would be directly tied into your corruption. The more corruption you have the more damage you would deal.

Ah, well I was just going by what Caco was saying.

So it really just is a penis thing. That’s sad.

I mean, you stick up for Conan’s nudity. Telling people that it’s not immature. We are adults and can see boobs, and penis in the case of the PC/EU versions, without giggling like kids. That Conan is a serious setting and a mature game. It’s not spankbait or juvenile.

Then we do a 180 and go “Hee, hee, look I can eat a fish and make my penis get bigger!” And all the arguments about gamers being able to be mature and handle it goes right out the window.


Only Americans. Because that’s how our culture is tailored. Which is why on console nudity is not allowed except the boobs.

In other cultures it’s the Gore and violence that’s censored.

And alot of cultures are starting to go backwards in progression, trying to keep up with us immature Americans

Well, if it’s about the size of the penis… I can sense the comedy there. If it doesn’t have practical use tho, then it’s kinda selling short. It’s not like we can really do anything with the gear downstairs in this game, so… :joy:


Heh, well. From what I remember of being 18-20 years old, that metric (or rumors of same) were a big part of how interesting the girls found you to be. What can I say, I grew up in a semi-rural area…

No potions for knee-length wangs available in RL though.


Exactly, there are more vendors around, hopefully an AI revamp happens, and we got more RPG’esque features. There are room for many things, bartering, extortion, pickpocketing, lock picking, coup de grace (ppl often ask for a fast kill on unconscious bodies).

I imagine how cool would be CE with a downed system similar to GW2 or Rust.


Good catch and well remembered, lets hope we see it live someday.