What does Charisma bonus do

Does any one know?

Makes your dong bigger. No effect on boobs, apparently.

Edit: Clarified.

Yup it does.

LOL, really

What if the Boobs are already maxed out do they get bigger?

Going by what happened to my character’s dong (knee-length or so), I’d say “yeah, definitely”

Edit: Wrong. No effect on boobs apparently. To be fair, boobs are rather comically huge if maxed out already.

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LOL , that really is funny

Wasn’t there some great video showing a glitch like this? A not safe for work one?

The correct answer is: absolutely nothing useful

You keep telling yourself that… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Heh, well on the consoles (at least here in North America) it literally does absolutely nothing at all. Not even for those special folks who think it’s great to be “endowed by their creator”, so to speak.

You’re a “it’s not the size that counts” type, I am presuming? :blush:

I’m the “it’s a video game and the number of pixels used to draw your organ is irrelevant” type.

That said, if Charisma was a real stat that worked like a kind of “luck” modifier with a higher value increasing the chance of rarer drops and/or the quantity of drops, then I’d be all for “endowing” my character all day long. As it is, it’s a functionally worthless effect in the game so my personal interest in it is less than zero. (I also find it to be minimally irksome that developers would devote any time at all to this ridiculousness, but whatever)

Sadly it doesn’t work with boobs, I tested it, they should make boobs bigger indeed.

Given how top-heavy women can be (and realistically, no woman would run around or swing a weapon with such large breasts without industrial grade support, so to speak) … then again, having ones’ member hanging down to your kneecaps is not exactly reality based either.

Makes dicks bigger. Does not make boobs bigger.

Don’t understand the logic of that, in a male dominated game.

Regardless, it sure is fun to trip on your â– â– â– â– â–  from time to time.

And yea, would be cool if it affected boobs.

Or thralls.

Oh, well I just assumed it’d be “the same”, but my character is male so I only saw the effect there. And contrary to popular wisdom, I don’t spend significant amounts of time starting at my character’s butt - or their genitalia, for that matter.

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