Potion Of Endowment does not work anymore

Potion Of Endowment Does no longer change anything for any gender, thank you for the information in the patch notes and whasting ppls time and supplies on making something useless. If you are gonna remove the only effect a potion had THEN WHY NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE GAME… and not whaste ppls time more than you already do with all the other bugs in your game? Thank you!

How do we know it’s not working?

Pics, or it didn’t happen.

And not dudes.

hotfix pls. this is gamebreaking and some serious business.


Seems +charisma is general is broken. The fish buff does nothing now as well. Though looking at the buff itself it says +0 Charisma.



Considering the game doesn’t have a stat called charisma, I’m not surprised.

Characters don’t have a UI visible one but the game does have a charisma stat. This is the stat you used to get +3 to while using the fish or potion which enlarged your Johnson.

Yeah I know but it doesn’t do anything.

cough cough

If you find that its working for longer than 4 hours, you should consult a medical professional.


Or an “exotic” movie producer…

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