Praise be to the new forum

I just want to thank the devs for making this forum, i’ve never used a discourse based forum before, but let me say it is very refreshing, super easy and fun to use.

More praises can be posted below :wink:


Don’t say anything, it’s a secret forum. :shushing_face:


Yes, it’s good to have official forums again, even if I did not post much on the old one, they were a good source of information.

Also, I really like the discourse software so far. It looks modern, is a lot more readable than most forums and the Phone notifications work well without being too spammy.

Do you use the function to display site notifications as on the PC? With chrome for example.

Yes, but only on my non-gaming computers. I don’t like when any kind of notifications pop up while I’m gaming.

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Ok thanks :grinning:

It’s nice that we once again have a place to discuss the game.

Thank you, Funcom, for finally listening to our pleas for an official forum. Sure, it’s eight months late, but it’s welcome nonetheless.

Indeed, it is very welcome. Glad we have them again!


With this forum, I also have the impression to find the true and fantastic community of TSW, the one who loves his game, who lives it, who savor it and has a family look on him.

Nice work and thank you!


It’s quite awesome to have the forums for the game again. Will be around a lot I believe.

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Finally, I can stop raking my eyes over that toxic Reddit subforum. Thank you, Funcom.


Loving the features…

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