Press [insert key here] to crawl


So here’s an idea that’s been popping up in the thoughts for a while now: going prone and crawling.

It could be used to sneak up on thralls and animals, like say being prone works as a stealth mechanic that greatly reduces your chances of being spotted, and it could be used in future dungeons to make players crawl through cramped tunnels in order to advance.

Of course players would want to abuse the stealth aspect at first, so as a deterrent against that movement could be slow and eat up stamina like sneaking in Age of Conan: let it run out, and you automatically stand up and blow your cover.

I don’t know, seems like something that could be a neat addition to the game. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I dunno if the stamina drain would work. If it’s anything like climbing, you’d end up needing to be rather close to them before you started crawling or else you’d often run out before you ever got close.

I think the crouch mechanic works rather well already against NPCs. I crouched while in the MIdnight Grove to go meet Jhebbal Sag, and was within 15-20 feet of NPCs that ignored me. It was only when I got within 5 or 6 feet that they attacked.

Adding something:
Attacking from crouching.
Have a high agility feat be switched to “deals 50-100% more damage when attacking from crouching”. Attacking from crouching uses up 200-300% more stamina, also taking damage results in the toon standing up.

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This did occur to me, though I imagine it could be avoided if the stamina drained more slowly than it does while climbing, or even if crawling players could pause to regenerate their stamina (though again, perhaps more slowly that normal to prevent too much abuse).

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