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So i’ve been playing on and off for maybe 5 years now, i have 2k hours in game. i have a question:
what does crouching meant to do?

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Limits visibility of your toon (smaller foot print and can hide in shrubs) and movement is silent. Also while crouched, you cannot fall off an edge


wow 5 years playing this game, still learning stuff…

Had no idea my self. About 20,000 hours. All along just thought it annoying
@tutski @erjoh

Stealth player so I’m keenly aware of these things
The stealth aspects were moot for about a year when health bars were visible for a mile but they fixed this

Crouch also allows one to crouch-swing. For instance, if one is learning how to acquire eggs.

This. If you’re used to doing it in Minecraft, it works just like that.

Actually very useful for building in some situations. The hard part is remembering you can do it.

Oh that one ik. Its actually very funny cause I always saw it as sort of an exploit.

It also lets you sneak in some specific places where you couldn’t while standing.
More specifically, if you build a stair and you only leave one ceiling space open instead of two, you will have to crouch to to ahead.
And even more specifically, there is a space to bypass the Arena Champion in Klael’s Stronghold, which I have only been able to go through by crouching :melting_face:

It also lets you go under things in tight spaces.

Sometimes my horse walks in on me and we occupy the same space. I may have to crouch to get “unstuck”.

Last night I noticed some holes in the walls of the Wine Cellar dungeon that you needed to crouch to get through.

Yep. Wine Cellar and Warmaker’s Dungeon have some low cracks you can crouch-crawl through. I’m still not convinced crouching does anything to NPCs being able to spot you, though.

Afaik it doesn’t, which is a shame, @Kapoteeni . It would be nice having a stealthy playstyle.

That would require programming, beyond tweaking already existing values :melting_face:
Not sure the dev team could pull it off at this point :skull:

nope it doesnt.

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