Prisoner holding Pen/ Slave Market

I suggest a new building. Prisoner holding Pen and maybe a Greater Holding Pen. One holds four and the other holds 8. It does not break them into thralls but keeps them static. It can be used in connection with a slave market place where we can put the prisoners in our inventory and take them to the market place where we can sell them for coins or buy new ones. It may give us new motivations and objectives in the game. Such as capture purger npc for resell.

Lesser Prisoner Holding Pen (Holds 4 Prisoners)
Prisoner Holding Pen (Holds 6)
Greater Prisoner Holding Pen (Holds 8)
Must be binded to be placed in the Pen intially.
Can be placed into inventory for Wheel Of Pain or for a trip to the Slave Market in Town.

Market House has a time rotation of random slave types for sale (Changes up every 1hr to 24hrs)
Market house lets you sell your prisoner that is in your inventory.
Currency will be both\either gold\silver coin dealing with Level and Type of Prisoners being sold to the market or Slaves being bought.


in my opinion it would make a lot more sense to have Vendors to place in Buildings… or a selling Station so not every pen / market Looks the same…

I just play in singleplayer but…it is a great idea and if you can see the “goods” before buying it will be better

somehow this song came in my mind after sets post (especailly the cat walk Thing :smiley: ) :

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