Pristine Khari Weapons uncraftable?

Recipe for Khari weaponry does not include Pristine versions or is this intended and they are not implemented in the game without admin spawning yet?

Hey @Potatoes

They’re supposed to be a drop from the Wine Cellar. :slight_smile:


Do you know which enemies? Done a few runs and haven’t seen any. Love the Khari stuff

Bosses. Drop chances are low, though.


Please don’t take this the wrong way i don’t mean anything personal, but are you sure that is correct? Just wanted to clarify.

I’m pretty sure the OP meant improved versions whether they be called ‘Pristine’ ‘Exceptional’ ‘Flawless’ or whatever versions of the Khari weaponry. Are you saying there are 2 weaponry scrolls that drop from boss, one with normal versions and another with better? Would hate for people to farm the boss specifically for an advanced version of the weapons that doesn’t exist.

We poked the designers themselves. Pristine Khari Bow, Pristine Khari Sword and Pristine Khari Daggers can only be dropped from bosses. :slight_smile:


Did you have any luck finding one?

@Wak4863 did you find one perhaps? Already forgot about them :smiley: :smiley:

Not yet! But only killed about 10-ish kings since the patch.

When I get to 100 and still not blessed I’ll complain. Grinding for wall-hangers is the pinnacle of PvE :smiley:

They were found in the Dev Kit then admin spawned in. Just because they are in the admin panel does not mean they are in the game. I have not seen them drop from the mini bosses. They are not learnable or craftable at any workbench even after consuming another Khari weaponry scroll.

If I remember right they were not mentioned in the patch notes or any of the live streams. My guess is time ran out they didn’t make it to this update and they will come with a later one.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks will give it a go.

This is any of the mini-bosses or only Thag?

“Low chance” are we talking 10% low or the 1% low drop rate of the new Thag mace type of low?

I’m on 34 runs currently without seeing any of the pristines or new hammer.

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Oh those craft Devs always making new shiny things that are hard to come by. Love it, time to go back the the wine cellar and collect all the pretties!

Yes. Please be aware that drop chances for these items are very, very low. And RNG is like Crom, it doesn’t answer to any prayers :wink:


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