Private server event ideas? :)

Hello forum community!

I’ve got a PvP server set up with currently suspended building damage/loot-drop due to the current issues plaguing the game at the moment, it’s basically just a PvE server until a fix-up patch drops.

I’m just looking for suggestions for events that I could host in the meantime that won’t require any kind of building/thrall damage.

At the moment I have a Scavenger Hunt where my players can scout for gold bars/bronze coins that they can use in the admin shop and an obstacle course they can try to overcome to reach either 1st/2nd/3rd place to receive rewards.

If anyone has any suggestions/ideas I’d be very grateful to hear/discuss them :slight_smile:
Thanks very much!

Caravan event, some of them transport stuff from point A to point B, others have to attack it, the winner, the keeper. Also some gladiator fight in a colosseum. And third, build some castle with beasts inside, let the players go in and fight their way out.

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I went online and found layouts for a mazes printed out one and built it for timed runs :running_woman:. The trick is to use walls that are the same on both sides so it mess them up some and no torches and maybe a hatch here and there too drop things hehe. @MrTriggers 1


Haha! Yeah those are nice ideas! Thanks very much, I’ll have to do some planning…


It was fun.

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Well, with the freeze of transfers right now I would suggest (depending on your map) the idea of bringing eldarium into your character’s lives. ( I am going to assume the Exiles Map here because from recent stories and my own experience it is tending to be the more stable environment.

With the recent advent of “Events” Exile Mapped characters do have access to fragments of recipes (requiring eldarium) that leads to all manner of events that could reward eldarium, and possibly even I don’t know an I.O.U. from Admin to spawn a delving bench in exiled lands. That could open up a lot of things.

Additionally the labyrinth idea @sestus2009 floated with a 3 skull in an interesting final zone, I very much like the theatre design of the final boss battle in the Wine Cellar dungeon, perhaps guarding a chest that contains eldarium…

Eldarium would make Exiles pretty great, just saying.


Those are good ideas, sounds like fun. Good luck with making more.


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