Time events on the map

First of all thank you for this game. Me and my wife love it with hearts.

Please think about adding more time events on the map such as Purge but much offten and to all players on the server. This may be some tribe wars or camp defence. This feature could be also a first step to faction system in the future witch will allow your clan to make union with different tribes.

Any way this time events potentially could generate much more action on server.

Sorry for my English and thank you)


Time events would be a very interesting addition. Maybe a traveling merchant with special stuff, or a band of t4 thralls that has tougher equipment and roams around. Good idea!


This is actually quite similar to a previous idea which I suggested to have the various factions attack each others camps, and frankly I quite like this idea. Upvoted.

  1. Rival NPC Faction Raids:
    Have the factions (eg relic hunters, dogs of the desert, etc) randomly attack each others camps here and there. Simply watching say a few black hand attacking a dafari camp randomly would be cool to behold and fuel a more engaging environment.

Another possibility which I entertained was having a number of Bandits, say around 1-5, randomly spawn in at various locations around the map, and try to attack and kill the player for their ‘valuables’.

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Some festivities by factions could be nice to. Like Darfari ceremonie, where big camps are more populated, but you can get some special objects and loots. Special masks, or a weapon that you can’t get out of that event.

Also some caravanes roaming trough the desert, with smaller outpost, camps where they may stop by. Maybe newer players could pay a small amount, or a tribut, and then travel more to the next camp with them.

Ah yes, and of course beasts, and some events coming with sandstorms. Maybe not all, not all the time, but they can.

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