World events? Post your ideas

I would like to see some type of events added. Like before a new area of the map opens maybe have the new faction/race thralls invade. Something to get everyone in a server to band together if even for a second would be nice. If you have any other ideas guys let’s hear them!

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XD… the server banding toghether, good joke

If it was a threat of like a server wipe if the event failed they would

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Are you suggesting a ALL Purge event, which causes purges to all forts at once instead of one at a time?

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Not all at once. But more of a force that goes around the map base to base so we would have to help each other. Something to make a temporary peace.

I would like to see server-wide catastrophes. Different biomes might provide better catastrophes:

Perhaps a hurricane sweeping across the map that brings monsoon rains, quicksand, and mudslides in the jungle, flooding along the rivers, sister tornadoes (dustdevils), wildfires, rock slides, sinkholes, and earthquakes in the desert area, blizzards, huge snowfalls and avalanche conditions in the north, and possibly volcanic activity (eruption) with “new” lava floes, toxic gases, ash clouds, volcanic bombs, lava fountains, and rift zones in the volcanic area.

Stampedes and locust swarms might be fun “events.”

Tidal wave (Tsunami wave) washing up from the east end of the jungle (sweeping into the entire map westward). Furniture inside a secure base might get moved around (and temporarily soaking wet), but anything outside (unprotected) might get destroyed or relocated some distance away. Thralls may survive (depending on how long it takes for the water to recede). Bases with some elevation would experience less time being submerged than bases at sea level.

Just some ideas…


A really big meteor striking somewhere outside, but near, the ghost fence. Its impact would cause eartquakes, a small starmetal shower that rains down across the entire map (though much smaller deposits the farther away from the crash site it is - like the single stones that can be picked up)
It could cause widespread hysteria and craziness.
-earthquakes, which cause a domino effect - volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, the sandstorm to become blizzards in the northern regions, and hurricane/monsoon in the western jungle areas. Flooding of the river valley and jungle, drying up of lakes. Animals becoming more crazed and agressive and wandering from where they normally would be (forced migrations/fleeing) and exiles going crazy, some worshiping the great falling sun, others preaching the end of days, etc.
And then a new map region opens, as the impact also affects the spires that keep the ghost fence active.

  1. My Idea for a world Event would be that the unnamed city get together one time a day all his forces and send it out to all the Player bases :smiley: to add the war between the undeads and the humans.

  2. Maybe the Undeads have a god in the Lore from Conan i dont know but the Undead god could search sometimes at the night Players to kill them - better you flee from him :wink: (but without building damage should only hunting the Players)


I see, well Deadly Meteor Storms would help with that, same with the Blood Moon curse, etc. :smiley:

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Well one force that comes to mind is steel weapon and armor wielding Picts.


The people of the major settlements like asagarth, the summoning place, pagoda, galleon and volcano should go out on regular raids. Not purges, just hit n run.
Would be great if they travelled between camps of their faction and had disputes with other factions.

Basically be more of a threat out side their own camps which are totally avoidable.

Current no aggro bug aside, I remember every NPC or creature being much more deadly and aggressive in ea.


purge on all bases all over the server, nice server crash ! :laughing:

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while i realy like the ideas, i think it’s just not realisable. Let’s be objective and honnest, the weathersystem still has hicups and blurbs, so i can hardly see plenty of events all over the map trigger as event. This would need a whole new game and construction to achieve that.

But like said, i like the ideas behind, and maybe some partial event could be in the futur implemented. Still good to see the futur and have some hope and dreams. :smile:

I like the idea with the unnamed city.
It’s a big place, and not exploited enough in game i mean.

Could also be nice some event where the city in a curse or by some magic returns for a short moment to the previous splendors, where the players could meet for a short instant the warmaker and other characters like theyr was in the time, they army, or part of it. Maybe some clue to get, some information for a hidden dungeon somewhere, or some special weapons, armors.


nice ideas indeed !

Summoning place, they’re looking for people to sacrifice, same maybe for the dreggs.
For the north, some berserkers turning wild, rushing in camps, bases and murder without reason.
The silent legion looking for some people, dragging them down in the dungeon.
Not to forget the Derketo-priests.



So much potential to make this game more interesting.

Especially asagarth. In the lore and the real world vikings they’re based on, they were raiders who travelled far and wide to loot anything that was not nailed down and burn anything that was.

Seems such a waste for them to just hang out in asagarth waiting to be slaughtered for their steel.

And the black hand are “as thick as thieves” but don’t do any thieving.


The idea with the unnamed city is sweet! Maybe have it be like a capture the flag situation. Like if we as a server can’t capture the relic or whatever all thralls die or something like that. Like it drains their life force but also have a point to the relic so after teaming up to get it everyone wants it.

+1, definitely would be down for server wide event related to the purge, could be a small village that builds up and gets to the point where it sends more frequent purge attacks to players in their respective region.

Makes random regions at choice more dangerous so every server could behave a bit differently and even make the experience for new players differently as they may want to move to a region rather hostile to new comers.


The land of Hyboria should become more dangerous at night. Maybe powerful creatures would emerge and roam until dawn… Terrifying wraiths could slip out of the realm of mist and haunt lonely places… Things that lurk in the shadows snap at wanderers foolish enough to roam the countryside in the darkness… We should all fear nightfall and run for safety when the dusk arrives…


What is this Purge you all talk about? :slight_smile:
Never had one on my private server, would be happy it would work as intended first.

As for world events it would be nice to see something along the lines of this suggestion:
Reverse Purge

Above could be dependend on how frequent you raid a certain faction in order to recruit thralls.
In my case, since I raid Asgard that much, since my base is close, it would be fun they might fortify their city further over time and maybe gather some friends in order to “Purge” me and my base. Same goes for wildlife, where I would not put the same thresholds for triggering it.

In my opinion this would make the Purge more related to your actions and you would see an impact on the game (fortification) over time.