Weather Events in the Exiled Lands

I really like the Sandstorm mechanic, and i think the game would benefit from a unique extreme weather event mechanic for each biome. These would be random and temporary and would do damage to the player, their pets and thralls, and property, but could be mitigated with planning, thoughtful building and certain tactics

My suggestions are;

Arctic/Glacier - Blizzard
Savannah/Plains - Tornado
Highlands/Tundra- Lightning storm
Jungle- Monsoon Rains
Coastal region - Hurricane
River - Flood

Wind and floodwaters destroy buildings, water increases the decay timer on structures and tots food, the blizzard freezes the blood in your veijns and kills man and beast alike.

Earthquakes, grass/forest fires could be added as well. A swarm of locusts that devastates the crops and plants in an area would be similarly interesting.

Ensure your home has a strongly built basement to ride out the tornado! Build on stilts to avoid the rising floodwaters, or place crude lightning rods strategically to draw Croms wrath away from your squalid hut!

Sounds fun to me!


This sounds like a great mechanic to effect bases in PVE and PVE-C. Not to mention just sounding cool overall. If buildings are not repaired they will be beaten down by natural disasters. This would stop players from logging in for 5 minutes every week to just maintain their structures. They would have to check for damage, repair as necessary, etc…

Great idea!

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Arctic/Glacier - snow avalanche, heavy snowfall (buries)
Savannah/Plains - dust devils, gale winds, heat wave, wildfires
Highlands/Tundra - freezing rain, hail storms
Jungle - gale winds, hurricane too, mudslides, quicksand (temporarily forming and drying up)
Coastal region - tidal wave, gale winds
River - rising river (flood), mudslides, rock avalanches

And yes, earthquakes can be ‘map wide’ – a little camera shake and some ‘rock slide’ animations (and maybe some cracks form in ground). Buildings would have their ‘stability’ checked depending on the strength of the earthquake. For example, buildings that are at their limit of stability might have some ceiling tiles fall from a weak earthquake whereas a major earthquake may topple free-standing walls.

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Lol I didn’t think of everything when i was thinking up new mechanics for the weather system. I am working on creating a list of everything the community wants to see added to Conan exiles both map wise and mechanic wise and it seems i’ve missed a few nasty weather systems. If you feel up to it id like to have these on the list of things posted there.

Heres the link to the list which is growing quite rapidly

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