Suggestion- Dynamic Environmental effects in all Biomes

There are Star Metal meteors in the game, that will kill players and npcs as well as damage player built structures.

I think that having some type of environmental damage like this might be a mechanism to help address excessive building by players.
This would also improve the depth of the experience of the game, having something dynamic happening in each Biome.

This could be something like, Iron Meteors in the desert area, Steel Meteors in the Highlands/Jungle, etc.

Of course it doesn’t have to be Meteors in each area, I just thought that since that mechanic was already in the game, it might be easier to adapt to other purposes than inventing new dynamic environmental effects.


Well besides Steel being an manufactured item, having other type of meteors, may sound cool initially, but will be annoying to most players. Not everyone enjoys building so rebuilding/repairing consistently will frustrate some. Plus the weaker meteors should do less damage than a star metal meteor, so may defeat the purpose of stopping huge T3 builds.

On the opposite point of view, even with Star Metal meteors, hitting properties do not wipe a full property. After a long period of time, it will look like a ruin (my friend’s cathedral was built in a bad spot for meteors) but the property was still there. So now you have this eye sore that may or may not go away. (My friend’s property was removed after a few weeks).

Other ideas of land destruction probably run into the same issues. We already have decay, star metal meteors and purges as systems where buildings can be damaged/destroyed. (excluding Sieges since that only applies on PvP raiding servers). I think its fine as it is.

Plus those who make huge builds… this will not stop them making them big. They already experts in getting supplies and building.

One last note, making people repair/fix their property every week will become a chore that will cause people to quit the game or look for a server with that feature turned off.

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And also make the majority of perfectly normal players quit. I know I would. I wouldn’t even go looking for a private server, I would just straight up quit, because if Funcom ever decided to implement something like this, it would send a clear message that players like me are unwelcome.

Think about what you’re proposing: a system that will randomly destroy parts of anyone’s base, without any defense against it, without any way to control or influence it. Log out one day, log in the next day to find that your wheel of pain with that rare purge thrall has been destroyed. Or the entire tower you built in the middle of your base is now dust, because the crucial support foundations/pillars have been destroyed. And the worst part? There was nothing you could do to prevent it.

If I wanted to experience something like that, I would divorce my wife and find an abusive girlfriend to slap me around randomly.


What about this.
Remove the rhetoric about dealing with building issues.

Not completely random, in a defined area, as the Starmetal meteors are now.

It’s somewhat better, but I’m still not a fan of reducing the total buildable area on the map. :man_shrugging:

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Agreed. While I would welcome more periodic environmental hazards that are dangerous to the player like the sandstorm, randomly damaging and destroying buildings is a step too far. Aside from causing a mass exodus, the people who did decide to stick around would still be discouraged from building anything more complex than a short, minecrafty box for all their stuff.

I understand the concerns.

Meteors was just a suggestion, as the mechanic was already present in the game.

The core of the suggestion was to add some dynamic environmental effects to areas, so far there are Sandstorms, and the Meteor shower.

EDIT: I have edited the title of the post to reflect this.

Suggestions are always good. Feedback is good as well. Then when a solution is arrived, all (or most) will be happy.

  • Seasons with random temperature spikes both in heat and cold (AND snowstorms!).They wouldn’t damage buildings only the players. Could be in the deesert and frozen north.

  • Giant monsuns that reduce your seeing distance. And probably increasing the water levels just to swim a little. In the jungle biome.

  • Or infected water bodies, mainly rivers. If you drink out of an infected river, you get sick, similar to food poisoning. Everywhere on the map, randomly in a (or more) rivers. You wouldn’t know which river is infected only after drinking from it. :smiling_imp:

  • (Borderlands reference here: ) THE LAVA IS RISING! :smile: Sudden lava level increases in the volcano. Should damage buildings because…who the heck would build right next to the lava anyways? There is no lavasifh in them!

  • Maybe (MAYBE) minor earthquakes that damage your building. Not much, couple of HP/sec. and lasting only a few seconds up to half a minute. That way players have to visit and maintain their bases not just run by them to refresh the decay timer. Sort of an upkeep cost.

  • I have no idea what could be in the green highlands.

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I would love a game with seasons but I do not think CE (at least the current maps) would be able to do that. Snowstorm is possible (there is SnowstormEx Mod) that could kill you easily if you were not prepared.

Meaning, having lets say green highlands have snow during winter, which at times will cover all the lands with snow and ice. That would be cool but also would require the map to literally change from what it looks at one time of year to the next.

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Yeah, probably a whole season system is too much.
Let’s tone it down to random heatwaves and frostbites for a couple days!
And noticeable temperature differences between day and night.

There are a lot of lightning storms in the highlands. Probably lightning strucks, that instakill players. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also I have the snowstormex mod, that’s why I mentioned. Cool addition, I have the most badass screenshots when I got caught by one in the night. :upside_down_face:

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I like this idea.

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