Problematic cave meshing

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there is a cave with Red crystals called Hanuman’s grotto. if you go in there with a follower/pet they don’t follow you down the nattow path with the crystals . it feels the bounding box/physics need lowering a tad. you have to jump to exit. Your pet or follower (thrall) will often seem to disappear. They don’t but will reappear if you start to exit the cave. Unless you happen to die and can’t get your stuff …lol Then he might take his sweet time returning home… I love this game just this one cave so far seems such a headache without need…I know making the bounding box can be a pain . But I feel if it was lowered a bit it might just be enough to fix the issues in that corridore as it is very narrow and if you are teamed you body block each other as there is a touch enemy that appears there then a teir 4 boss after that water as well. can appear in front of lore can be found there.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Sorry for the frustration. There is a workaround. After killing the miniboss, continue down and swim to the left, climbing the rocks. From there, you can see the 3 skull, but he cannot get to you, then wait.

Your thrall will ‘port’ to you after a few seconds.

Good luck !



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But you have to cross a body of water to fight the 3-skull boss - and followers don’t swim. Basically you have to fight him alone right out of the water and follower doesn’t port to engage boss. Also - very limited space to try and run from boss and wait for follower to engage.
(yeah I know boss can be shot with arrows - but that’s cheasy imo)

Hey @Turtles2

Thanks for the heads-up. Sending note to our team about this.


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