Problems on my Server since the last update (33)


Since the last Update the Thralls on my Server dont attack anything. The Daggers dont make damage and the bows dont fires any arrow. I contacted my Server provider (Dawn Server) and they said the Data on my Server are fine. Is that an known issue and i can wait for an Hotfix or was the Update broken installed on my Server and i have to reinstall the game there? Becouse on some other Servers i played they dont had that problems. I am a little scared becouse some people have build amazing stuff on my Server and invest much time so i hope i can make that it will work again.
Thanks and have a great day!

Edit: spear, thowing axes, hamers and the two handed swords also doesnt make damage.

Kingdom Buildings - Baue dein Reich GER/ENG

is the Server Name if you test it there.

I reinstalled the game on the Server and load the latest Backup over that fixed the Problems.

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