Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (II)

im not sure how to message people on this

A new hotfix is out which fixes the main cause of the corrupted data error:

Your new patch literally restarted my entire character on all servers thanks im probably never gonna play again. Your game is ruined by non stop glitches and bugs and then on top of it when you try to fix it you destroy progress for everyone. Horrible game horrible development. This game is literally a big waste of time.


So i put a ticket in does it matter now looks like it happening to everyone come on man

Its fine they fixed a little message indicator that had been doing nothing to actual gameplay thus breaking the entire game on every server…its fine…

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Platform Xbox
Official Server #2509 PvE Conflict
Character Name-Black Samurai
Xbox Gamer Tag -The6lackSamurai
Level 26

My character was deleted

Hold on…everything on every official server is now wiped? So there will be a rollback? There has to be a way that we are ‘unscrewed’. Cause wtf? We cannot play for 5 months now, and then this? I love the new direction the game is going in; a tightening spiral swirling down the toilet…wtf!?

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Hey, make sure to read the announcement:


It was surprising to see a new update when I checked my Xbox. Thank you for trying.

I’m a professional tester, so I’ll give you a quick bug report on the big issues remaining now that things have settled down.

The biggest one is that the crashing continues much the same as before this patch. Not entirely surprising as you didn’t claim you’d solved it 100% but for me it hasn’t changed. My large bases will crash if I move through them too fast (not just running, but even walking is too fast. I need to stop moving far from areas that haven’t loaded yet, or it will crash, every time) but the smaller bases don’t crash as much as the large ones. I did notice that the buildings seem to load slower than in the previous version… Still, whatever changes were made, they didn’t help me.

The intro video still stutters in the same way and still can’t be skipped until after mid way through to just before the action sequence.

The corrupt save message still appeared, but when I reloaded the game it was gone… Only to come back after the first crash and every load after a crash.

From this user’s point of view, I still have to wait for a real patch to get us back to a version of the game which was, before the parity patch a few months ago, the most stable and playable version of the game since early access.

I still come in to save my bases from decay, I still lose things from the crashes when my character runs yards past the green wall and I can’t recover the items, but I’ve learned to live with it and use crap gear until the game gets back on track because I really like building in this game and I still feel like, after all this time, there are still new things to do. And for that funcom deserves respect and for now, a little more patience…

Edit: I finally finished clearing my bases (a couple big ones a few medium and a couple maproom minibases) and the game crashed at every other base. Took a couple hours. I hope the crash fix, and a final parity patch, come soon.

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Reading all of this similar experiences of this game should calm me down but it really doesnt! It angers me in so many ways. One thing is the empty servers because of people just quit after losing stuff for incomprehensible reasons. I think only very experienced players still enjoing this game because over the years they found ways to deal with all that bugs etc.
New players have a really hard time atm. Just watch your servers playerlist. You have the lvl 60s and some new players (or whole new clans of 3+players) which play for some weeks and seem to have a really good time. But after couple of weeks they stop before hitting lvl 30 or 40. That happens all the time.
Conan has a big problem with people leaving it before they even saw everything because the getting more and more pissed for several reasons. One of the biggest dissapointments this year was sipta. People waited for a new biome on top right corner of map and got a lazy designed map which you have to start a new char and lose work from months.
Funcom makes a big mistake in absolutely ignoring the communitys whishes and they will realize it sooner or later.

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now maybe fix the issue where the game logs out within 10 seconds of startup???
data corruption message still shows up after update btw… hate to rain on your parade.
#2733 PvE-C

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Just a quick note, I’ve been able to play online for hours and haven’t crashed yet today which is great! However single player is still unplayable, meaning the game crashes to dashboard before it even fully loads.
I’m happy that I can at least play online PVE on Official server #2503! However I miss and rather prefer single player as im only level 19 online but level 60 in single player lol.
I’m happy that progress has been made, however I am still eagerly awaiting for single player to be fixed properly. Looking forward to seeing what happens

My prob isthe exact opposite of yours. Online 10 sec crash.single player is gtg

hello, everyone I come here to try to help you with this game I did a test here in the co-operation mode of a player the game does not close I wanted to know what the difference between online would not be the server that has something that is interfering and closing the game my base is but 6 months that I keep coming in just so she doesn’t fall I have a lot of things and I really like this game

The corrupted data only comme back after loging out of my regular servers and not when i tried a new server, so its a start :+1:. But for the rest there are no changes.

Any word on the OOM crash fixes? I literally cannot play the game and can’t even get my money back

Congratulations Funcom you managed to keep your promise of weekly communication with us for one whole week which honestly is one week more than I actually expected from you. You finally broke me CE is coming off the hard drive and Funcom will hopefully become a distant memory(nightmare).


New producer’s letter: