Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (V)

Not only do you mention someone’s else’s poor spelling, whom their first language isn’t english but you then go on to making more spelling errors yourself. your opinion is invalid.

If we as gamers were able to wait 8 years for Cyberpunk to come out, what’s wrong with waiting a few more months for this game to get fixed. Put on your patient hats and chill TF out.

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So… Does this mean my current single player game that WILL NOT load and keeps dashboarding me is gone forever or will you be able to recover the game sometime in the future??? I am so sick of spending 60+hours on a build that takes around a week, and as soon as im about done it crashes and wont load. This is the fourth base that i have lost now and im sure im not the only one EXTREMELY Pissed in loosing everything that i put in the time and then dont even get to enjoy playing the build. So is it gone or not???, because im at a breaking point with this. My current single player base is the one that hurts the most and the build i was most proud of. And honestly if i have to start over AGAIN, its just not worth it. I just want the game to save my base and WORK! UGHHHH!!

I dont play Cyberpunk. This games been broke on xbox since September and longer for others. The updates continue to break the game. And they dont seem to really have this as a priority. Ill bet u siptah gets released before we get any fixes. Hopefully im wrong about that, bt my patience is wearing thin.

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Not to mention Cyberpunk just came out and I can pretty much guarantee it will be fixed long before CE, and 6 months from now if you still have an Xbox community left at all the exact same people will be here saying all the frustrated comments are from entitled haters who just need to be patient, because this game will still not be working even then.


Same thing happened with one of my bases. I swapped to a different Profile and back and my game, eventually, loaded. As the loading finished, I was greeted with my character falling and looked around me…my base was gone. All that was left was a loot bag at my feet! I felt…used, abused and dirty…

And cyberpunk will give u a refund cuz they know its wrong to make u pay for a broken game


It has been 13 days. Any new information? Any new lies even?


Lol nope. Its holiday so they usein the ‘‘pandemic’’ excuse. Hopfully things change in january but ill bet i wont get to play till march… Any bets .?? Do i hear a May, or June.? Its so disappointing and sad. Smh cant do nothin but laugh at this point.


The problem is the changes to core game for isle of s. So my bet is not gonna see it fixed. And ce and isle will remain broken. But they have new thralls and weapons and building pieces in lsle dlc, so come spend your money on our new broken dlc, when it drops sometime in the next year, and we promise we will fix it then. Yeah ok. I’ll buy that for a dollar. But they will want 60. Lmao. I’m not buying anymore bs. I would wait for it to drop and watch here for a response from the sheep that buy it. It will be same as know. Wait and see. I love ce, and they broke it. Now I’m on gta v, which i dont like, but it works. Smh.

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Try Ark. Played for like 10 hrs yesterday, crashed twice, my fault for using tele-pads in too quick succession.

What a frustrating piece of …! Not only do I still dashboard every 15 minutes, even after wasting time starting my single-player game (which developed an odd problem a year ago - no harvestables in my world, no NPCs, no wood or rabbits, no stone) but now my repair hammer won’t show any decay times in official server #2509. As I promised over a year ago, you guys will never get another dime from me.

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Hey Mek, its extended holiday decay. Disabled until jan 21st on xbox. Imo they should leave it disabled, just like the game…disabled!..old skywall must be getting bored, no noob bases to decay…lol

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Why not make base builds on a seprate save file in xbox and allow optional spaceing for how much storage a person will devote for this two step save so it dont crash the mapmain then devise a locale minimizer to cut down clutter in the nearest zone to allow for bigger builds at lower load weight aloting a max load limit per area to make it smoother set local limits for # of people in a sqaure space of the map so it dont over weigh your process abilty in otherwords a seprate background que list and level of importance to balance out a runable level at all times , another method can be for example multi users could bare the weight of a differing part too shared prossesing other than our own charactor part run by one another part by another divideing the shared weight meaning they play better with more and needs for group play just an idea though but local measureing needs to be done to fit the limitations below crashing levels maybe too that devices need multi points of running instead of run one or other utilize dual contact of both wifi and ethernet instead of solo point combine these methods and you might have something going for ya i just wanna play without the constant kick in the net

Sounds better in doing online world map to cut down on full map downing you just need your charactor infos then and admin mechanics then you could maximice the size of your bases because you dont have hardly anything offline like calling a library of music rather than downloading everything just haveing the # otherwise whats the point of links if not useing them call 100 people all there no data cuts no crash a 100 parts doing their own job like your only running. A camera through another place thats already there your tools and your building then is all you need… base site then would be by proximaty of its maker too…maybe a balance checher to be sure one players base dont overload anothers system as base too big for shared entry type guarding to avoide crashes…oh after a base parts are added then a save intervol they aint seperat peices anymore hints combined parts can be optimized as a solid single peice hints cutting unvisable datas down to make it liter on the loads either way iwanna play smoother without crashes

Hey yea! Im noticing this today! No times with hammer…did they just stop the decay clock on xbone? Im on 2508

Well…Thank you for that!

Hello, can anyone guide to get help on a server issue I’m having where I am unable to load up a server due to data corruption Issues please!

Yeah if you can get your money back then get it back

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