Producer Letter on the XB1 stability issues (VIII)

I’m really confused here. You are saying that they aren’t giving you news, on the very thread that they are giving you news, that was posted all of 5 days ago. But key point is the last sentence


No he means we went like 4 weeks without updates on what’s happening but like I said many times they were on vacation thus it’s hard to work on game or updates when on vacation

Due note I don’t remember names of who was mad about that just the conversation that popped up for a bit and I’m not pointing fingers at any one

Good question but I don’t know if we want it quite yet as siptah was dislike by a lot thus they are adding new biomes and lots of other stuff and alterations that could be problematic in terms of 3 platform and also note last I checked it was to come to console when game went from 2.0 to 3.0 and I’m wanting it bad myself and got money saved back for it but I’m not sure it’s a good idea right now we when updated will be at 2.3

Here’s a topic. Funcoms working on Xbox problems. My single player game still crashes every 30minutes. During those 30min same laggy,buggy mess ive been crying about for 6months… Oh wait ive said all this before, forgive me for my sarcasm and lack of consideration for this ridiculous situation. I joked back in December this would still be going on in march… And slap me silly what do you know??? Online does seem a bit better if im being honest but i Dont really care for online(no offence to all u alpha raider pvp’ers) and again tbh i dont spend enough time online to see cave/dungeon performance so my opinion dnt mean much. Single player is all im worried about, and it doesnt work. But you knew that already So this post is pointless like the 85$ ispent on this game.


Facts lol

Not pointless. I feel the same way. I hate all this online nonsense. Just give our offline single player game back!


Lol my single player works just fine they need to fix the online problem

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Single player has all the same problems as online for most people, and they need to fix both. They also need to pull the game from Microsoft store and stop stealing money from people until they do, 7months wow!


No doubt! How do you continue selling a game that absolutely does not work?


I was on the impression that there is two separate teams one for PC and one for Xbox… guess not

I don’t know the full scope. But they did hire an outside team specifically to address Xbox issues. It was discussed an earlier Producers letter (dont remember which one, but you can click through the past links to find it).

With all due respect i feel the only entity that needs to “earn” anything is Funcom. We have been left in the dark for too long. They need to do right for the customers and communicate because player base drops daily.


Player base is dead on all platforms…and will continue to be dead unless they listen to us pvpers

Yea took a break today. I swear I signed in yesterday in double digits. Longest I was on was maybe 30 mins. Shortest was 60 seconds? Spent more time signing back in than playing. Its as bad as when they released riders of hyboria. Might sign in tomorrow to check bases. Might not. This has murdered my desire for this game.


That is demonstrably false.

And that is just patently ridiculous, given the percentage of PVE players enjoying the game.

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I play pvp and pve yes you are right the player base is not dead jake is just mad because he doesn’t know how to combat cheaters but yeah I don’t think it’s dead lots of mad people because official servers are trash and they crash alot but most of us that have been there from the start are still here just playing on private servers that are more stable than official

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People always think the way they play the game is the ‘‘only way’’ to play the game. I just spent 25minutes fighting redmother and as soon as i hit the final blow guess wat… It crashed. So this is just another reason among many other reasons i refuse to play online or pvp. If the game was polished and didnt have game breaking bugs i would want to make friends and a clan to play with. But when u grind for hours or fight a boss for 30mins just to have the game bug out and loose everything, its just pointless to even try. Im sick of
this bs funcom.

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30minutes for a boss?every Boss in under 5 minutes

So here we are march 4th still can’t stay in a official server for more than 10 to 15 minutes funcom what’s going on been 2 weeks we know nothing and I’m gonna say it again y is it that I can go and play on a private server and stay in it for up to 3 to 4 hours before crashing but on official it’s 10 to 15 minutes you guys need to look at your official servers they must be the worst of the worst

If it wasn’t for private servers i wouldn’t even be playing this game i would just be doing resets