Protected status on structures

Some games allow players to add inventory objects on ‘protected’ status to prevent discarding them by accident. I think everybody has demolished a structure by accident, sometimes it can be a really frustrating situation, I myself have destroyed T3 altars countless times trying to destroy candles I set on its surface.

I think it would be a good addition allow players to set their structures on protected status, this would disable the destroy option when interacting with it, instead we would have a “remove protection” choice. That change would certainly prevent people from destroying by accident important building. I know its a minor thing, but Im pretty sure almost every player has gone through this experience of destroying something they didnt intend.

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I don’t know about destroying buildings (though I can easily see how it could happen), but the inventory “focus” jumps all over the place, so I routinely end up dropping something I didn’t want to lose (like my Sandstone mask, and yesterday a Skeleton Key!) when trying to empty my inventory of junk items. I usually notice - but not always. It’d be cool to be able to lock or protect select items from accidentally being dropped.

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I think they could add both, dropping items by accident is also something I have experienced. The focus on structures is also not 100% accurate, sometimes the crosshair is on top of something but when you interact you are selecting another object, this is when this idea behind protecting structures could become useful.

Just yesterday I was removing some wood fences around my animal pen, was picking them up one by one, at one point the crosshair was on top of a fence, but I actually interacted with the animal pen… I was on auto mode, interacting, choosing bottom left option (pick up) and moving to the next, but this time it select the Animal Pen and I destroyed it. (and I spent like 40 minutes trying to place it perfectly aligned where it should be lol)

Someone suggested else where a ghost structure for positioning purposes get your layout down before accidentally putting a wall backwards fown. Apply it backwards pickup and undo instantly? Maybe even highlight structure components that could fall from picking up a wall or ceiling tile?

I noticed that even when the dot is on an item it does not always state the right object, player always have to check double. we one time forget and then "woops.

I would say that to begin the items described in the screentext you point at should always be the item you handle, that is not the case.

Also when you piont at a door and it says “door” you click dismantle and it says dismantle this ceiling for instance. noticed that many times.

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Many times I go for walls and destroy ceilings.

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