PS4 - 18+ RP Community (PvP/RP Heavy) - Conan RPG Inspired. 0 Purge, 0 Wipes. Player Controlled Factions, Caravans, Arena, War, Economy, Diplomacy, Bandits, & Quests! Dungeon Master Facilitated Gods & Adventures. Active Player-base! Voted Best RP Server



Best rp server hands down. Check it out


Hey thanks for the bump! I’m so glad you are having a great time!


Great RP server. Many diverse factions and stories to be a part of.
11/10 would recommend


This server is everything you could ask for! Love the community to death.


Hey GoodRebel, I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. We will continue to support our community as long as Funcom supports this game.


Much simplified and new user friendly update on our end of things. Like the kingdom building roleplay begin!


Always looking for more players! Come on aboard and give us a shot!


Server’s dead, fyi to anyone looking into it


This server really dead?


Yeah man, Server owner closed everything down unexpectedly


New server for rp started recently. SeveN sins 18+


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