PS4 after patch lost inventory, rubberbanding, extra lag, UI lag

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: America Official server 3509 PVE

i and my wife logged out tuesday night in the base. i logged in friday after ps4 update of CE and all inventory and gear gone. i was on the rug i logged out on and no corpse around (i assume i died for for some reason in my secure closed base). husband had all gear and also logged out tuesday beside my character.

lag is still the same but now UI lag is back AND some rubberbanding. only 10 players logged on the server.

any ideas where i can find my inventory, weps, gear??? bed is beside the rug we always log out on. PVE server and enclosed base. i was full health, ate and drank before logging out. never had an issue like this before the patch 1.18 this week.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Update after patch 1.19 saturday.

lost all inventory again on login. assumed died in my SAFE and enclosed fort. i had put on my backup gear and restocked food and drink. ALL GONE!!! no corpse where i logged out just 5 feet away.

how can this game be getting worse. no change on the PS4 pro for lag, UI lag, and now rubberbanding.

on a PVE server 3509. only 5-10 players online at prime time now.

funcom please post some suggestion for these issues! i have been playing MMOs and such since the 1990s and have NEVER seen anything like this from a company as well known as funcom. even the AO launch disaster was not this amount of chaos.

i want to play on the console, i paid full price for 2 systems. i wont continue with CE until i see something that indicates the consoles are a working product (this is not even alpha quality atm). honestly there should be a full refund offer made at this time. very unprofessional.


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