PS4 corpse bug America 3839


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Region: America 3839

My corpse has disappeared again. One of the most important mechanics in a survival game/ mmo is being able to recover your corpse. It seems that this has been bugged through early access and release. I have reported multiple times


This has happened to me as well, if devs continue to ignore this it will turn what could be an amazing survival game into a corpse itself. Things like this and many other bugs make you feel like you payed for a game still in early access and are what will eventually kill such a game.


Same happened to me, corpse was gone when I arrived.


Same here, by far the most frustating bug, got it back sometimes by just reloading the game, noticed that sometimes the corps is at a totaly different spot, but after a while start moving back to were you died. Now again but under the ground can’t get to it. F this bs we be there with Ark, they managed to implement a way to get your stuf back, Nofuncom try not to remake the wheel, just look how it can be don, till you fix your beta game screw it, realy hoped this would be diff then the damm Ark bs, sadlly the engine already show render lag juttery gameplay, and we haven’t even start building beside some starter building. The wild life is tuned down for better preformce, but now the world looks empty and deserted. I came to the point that the purge started, the game said i was surounded by enemy, looked everywere nothing to see, after 5 min i defeded all enemy? What enemy there was nothing there. Don’t push out hotfix just fix the game to the level you promoted it, good luck till then i’m back to Ark, at least there i can get my stuff back after CE-34878-0, yeah you managed to get the same damm mem error as Ark, maybe the choise to go for the unreal engine was not the best option. But apperently it’s what were stuck with. Looking forward to a more playable gameplay. Greetings y


Just a note to any who may read this

Your corpse is most likely not disappearing… it is INVISIBLE, which is almost just as bad.

That said in my experience, if you click around the area you died, you can eventually find it, you won’t be able to see it, but you will be able to loot it.


I do understand that the game is brand new, but again this is a major game mechanic. If it was the thrall or crafting system it might not effect everyone. We all die…a lot. Love the Conan lore, Funcom always Makes Hyboria Great, Age of Conan was great too.


Update!! After the new patch I have found all my many corpses. Thank you Funcom!!


Mine still go invisible unfortunately, seems to be only when I fall from great heights but it still happens, especially if I hit something mid-fall that causes the death before the actual ground. That said clicking around the area has allowed me to loot my invisible corpses.