Ps4 game freeze

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Crash ps4
Region: central us

I keep freezing in my camp I go out an do anything in game I’m fine if I go back to my base I freeze an it kicks me out to blue screen an it prompts me to report my crash an I do any ideas how I can fix this our avoid the crash any helps valued thank you

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Being it is a computer, i sometimes find if i power down the PS4 it and restart, it helps. KNow they don’t run the exact same, but sometimes the ‘IT’ go to when you report a problem wworks…turn the computer off and then back on.

Also sawm that sometimes if you load a SP game (unless you are in one already???) it loads better on officials and private online.

Hope it helps.

many players complaining about giving in blue screen game

Thanks for the help guys yeah I’m online me an my wife play togther thing is she doesn’t have the issue at all but I get it lol just my luck I guess I’ll keep submitting the error reports thanks

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