PS4 Going 'Out of bounds' in Metal fields

Standing at the spot where Farrow is first spotted facing east. Follow the train on the right hand side until fence. Walk along fence into train and then due east. Train forms a tunnel into other side of game boundary.

Dear developers, and again I’m coming to you, today on a harsh level on an iron mutant with laughter almost died, Bormin missed from 100%, because of which the whole squad discovered and it was all auto-preserved, the game is hard on hard, you can pass only level to 30, the game simply ends further from open battles, due to the fact that the entire squad dies even from a fight against three serious enemies, the only tactic in such smthia is to throw grenades and this scheme will stop working in the middle of the game; health points that with everyone in Even with possible improvements and equipment, there is not enough damage even from three grenades.
Even on ps4 you cannot copy the saving to the system, via a flash drive, went to a country house, I thought to download the entire passed plot to the second ps4, as a result, when downloading saving from a flash drive, in the game itself there is no such saving.

Yep. Happens on PC too apparently. Very interesting. All sorts of things happen. I walked around for a while, and ended up next to a robot on the “other” side. Clicked something (L-button I think) and was immediately teleported to an inbounds location far from the spot. For some reason the robots were alerted to the out of bounds coordinate from which I was teleported and all robots moved up and convened there.

I noticed I could no longer interact with loot. Upon moving closer to the robots, I was discovered and shot at. Decided to end it at that point and reload.