PS4 Official #3731 PvE down?

Get stuck on loading when trying to enter this server only. All other servers/single player works. 3 people having the same problem but in same clan so unsure if this is a server issue or something else. Server shows up on list with low population numbers (9-15) and fluctuates every time I look at it indicating lots of others having the same issue maybe. Been trying for 2 hours no change.

I’m having same issue just won’t make it past loading screen

Hey, guys. I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing server #3731. I’ve contacted our network administrators so they can investigate the problem for you. Hopefully we’ll have things sorted out soon.

To get more immediate assistance when your server is down please use the server report tool or contact us through Twitter.

Twitter: @ConanExiles, @FuncomHelp, @Funcom

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