PS4 Official Server #3522 PVE-C May 19th 2020 updates for PS4 did not fix follower thrall issue

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer] PVE-C
Problem: [ Bug ] PS4 causing the Square button to not work in underwater of the Sunken City
Region: [America]

Official Server #3522
Sunken City, Dagon Dungeon

After the update 1.58 I believed, I was anxious to dive in to Dagon’s underwater dungeon of the Sunken city with my companion thrall. It was fine up until I decided to dive into the water. That’s when your companion thrall would not follow you anywhere in all of those underwater areas. You cannot command return, move nor fight because the square button to command your thrall would not function. Your thrall revert back to normal function and the square button works again as soon as you get back on shore.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter Sunken City with your thrall and fight your way up the hill until you reached the cliff where you dive into the flooded city
  2. Dive down and make your way into one of the inlets underneath and now your thrall is now missing
  3. Attempt to engage command with the Square button but the square button do not respond
  4. Swim back to shore and stand on dry land, pressed the Square button and now its working again, and your thrall will appear eventually.

The thrall command button for PS4 Square button isn’t working correctly underwater in the Sunken City.

Hi @ipmanbeuup, welcome to the forums, this issue will be fixed in the upcoming patch which is already being tested in the Test Live server:

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