Ps4 official server 3532 and suggestions for conan. plus a griefing clan (i cannot get the devs attention!

on the ps4 official server 3532 we all have alot of fun times with the game…but there is 1 particular clan that i will not blast names just yet that thinks its really funny to block off the sinkhole and make the game unplayable. nit only did they do this but they had also built around a friend of mine and encoled him in a 2 by 2 box so he could not get out causing him to loose all his gear…is there something yhat can be done about that…now the suggestion i had was as a builder and adventurer i wish there was a buildable rhat was glass windows. i mean we have glass all we would need is the option for the windows and to make them. also would be nice if you guys added a system in where you can pick how much you want to drop a item instead of having to continue splitting stacks. another thing that would be great is if you have a couple outpost with a bed and bedroll is to have a option where you could choose to teleport from your bed to the bedroll.

also what would be great is if we could have a system where you could lock a bed or bedroll to the owner so if you walk up near it and accidentally hit square or whatever it is you do not change spawn points…

i have proof of the building around sinkhole as well as the box they closed my friend in

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