Ps4 Official server 3614 cancer needs raided!

Hello I am currently on official server 3614 where there is a clan that has taken over they have wiped the entire server and have now built a wall across the entire starting area please can someone come to official server 3614 and destroy CLAN NAME A FLAT WORLD I would appreciate it greatly my clan is monks and he destroyed me daily trying to get me off server! Thank u very much

Just move server if he has no one to fight there out of luck

Look I asked for help a long time ago about this server and now I am the one who got banned because I had to join with another clan in order to survive on this server and the clan I guess was built in the black keep I was in the clan for 2 days then I got banned from all public servers I don’t know why? Thanks Funcom I asked for help and you replied by banning me

You should always know your clan mates. You are the friends you keep, even if you feel it was the only way.

Your right but how am I supposed to know where there build is at lol until I join and when Funcom has allowed building to be placed there Why would you think it’s not allowed or at least why would you think you would be banned I have been on so many servers where people play under the mesh and thy don’t get banned I simply was banned for joking the wrong clan.

Well, now they will be as far as under meshing. AS for not knowing where they built, my feeling is if you listened to the rest of the server, you would have heard rumors. Plus, you can easily see the other clan mates location on the map. And someone on the server must have known, as they reported it. It is the only way Funcom would know to investigate the server.

And it is not that they allowed it, it is “holes” in the program that were not caught in testing. Most of the time, it is the method to under mesh that allows this. Meaning, people find a way to get under the map, then climb around until they find a hole in the building blockades under the map.

The clan was not under meshed they were simply built inside the black keep a dungeon where previously you could not even lay a bed roll but now you can build a entire base in there but you will be banned if you do so lol I’m not mad I understand but damn give a warning or something lol I just want to know what to do because like I said I am a solo player and just want to continue to slay