PS4 Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!

Oh well that’s my base raided now and all volcano thralls killed and armour and weapons lost. Thanks for nothing Funcom. That’s me done with the game now I think.

They are not volcano thralls, they are Relic treasure hunters. Volcano thralls were never bugged according to numerous posts.


I meant Relic hunter. Being so annoyed at the buggy game meant I mistyped!


The best thing is, that Funcom sees no problem in that…
And many here too, because it is “addressed” :smiley: :smiley:

Its really fascinating, that patches breaks more things, then it brings :smiley: :smiley:

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Funcom. You thold us it wil take 5 days. Now it have gon 10 day’s. This have too be a joke…
On the server i play on the purge attact me, and kill all my thrall’s.

You thold us the stuff is not gon. And it wil be back when you fix it. Now all my thrall is dead. How can you say it wil be back. The thrall is goon becouse they diden’t move. And in 3 day’s ther wil come a new purge. So when wil it be fixt? I don’t think funcom whant people too qut playing the game. Do you?
I have bild up my castle for many week’s and all whas goon ust in a few days. This is NOT good.
I love all the new thing you put into the game. But i don’t like thet you **** it up in one day. All the time i have use. For what? Nothing.

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Yeah… its just ridiculous… even PC didnt get a hotfix for many other broken things this week…

By your moaning it will not be there faster.
It still needs to be verified.
Just play something different or look for a job for so long. :rofl:

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I really hope that Tencent will have a big influence on Funcom… Like getting better patches :smiley:

Because no hotfix for any plattform since 1 week… Either the devs are on a vacation or they cannot figure out the bugs, which is even kinda worse…

I really miss the sounds in Warmaker sanctuary or from the sekeletons (their laughter) in general…

Yes, I miss the sounds too.
Unfortunately, it will take longer than expected, it seems that there are some bugs that need to be fixed.
I just come online to support my clan members.
I have to work until 6:30 pm anyway and then VR is the time for me.
Rush of Blood.

This issue has already been reported in a seperate thread of its own. However, I am going to ask here too and see if anyone else is having the same issue. It is suspected to be related to Battle Standards.

Does anyone elses game get stuck on the ‘Select Respawn Point’ screen upon death? I then have to quit to the dashboard menu. It has even said my save data cannot be found, although by some miracle, it was. It has the potential to literally wipe my save file or render it unplayable.

If anyone else is experiencing this, please share your experiences.

Maybe the bug is only related to single player?

I suicide teleport everyday from one of my bases to the bedroll, which is at an offside. Never got stuck anywhere…

That is one suspicion jot29. Another is that it may somehow be related to Battle Standards. I used to suicide teleport all the time myself. Doing it now would be utter madness. I would get stuck on the death screen, from which it gets stuck on. Dying in game, has the potential to destroy my save game permanently at this point.

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A patch that broke everything and the Blood and Sand armor still needs fixed. 1 week later still broke. Performance issues need addressed such as lag, loading issues and overall game reliability.

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2 weeks further…

Alone that last week Funcom was really silent… Lets hope all are working on the Hotfix + TESTING that thing!!!

Testlive got Friday a new patch:

Doesnt look like all bugs were fixed, but many of them…

this scares me. This means the hot fix is going to be more of a semi patch, and hasn’t been released as far as i know to be certified at Sony. If this gets released and rejected for what ever reason, then we could be looking at another 2 weeks before we get the relic hunters fixed. If this was known to be a bigger hot fix than thought, they should have hot fixed the hot fix on PS4 and got it certified before going into a test live patch update…

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Lol is there a reason not to?

New patch is out!