PS4 PLAYSTATION - MASSIVE - Summer of Fun! PVE-C (pvp on/base dmg off), RP, CURENCY, TRAP BASE CONTEST, MORE!

All Summer we’re doing a huge series of events, contests, and supported RP elements that will hopefully come together as a sort of “mega build”. However, instead of a single great colossus I am hoping that we build a world. A place where people live, explore, trade, work, fight, and more. Roads that lead from city to city, town to town and people to people.

A place where people can find what they want, whether it is action and pvp/player killing or world building. We’re still new and would love to have new players. Check it out if you’re lookin for a server.

My #1 priority is stability. Because, I realize that if we ever hope to achieve our goals we need a community that stays not one that loses their progress and hard work and leaves. That means not using powers, not playing with settings, and keeping the server online 24/7 for the long run.