PS4 pro with SSD performance?

Hey all,
Just curious, im receiving a 250gigas external SSD tomorow. i will put 2 or 3 games on it including Conan.
I coudnt find many feedback about the performance increase. Only one post on google saying it litteraly changes the game performance !

Anyone using this setup (PS4 pro here) ? Do you still get the sound delays ? I know stuttering get fixed with SSD (like on pc)

Have fun !

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Yep, still have sound delays and no not all stuttering is fixed lol. My ssd r/r is 512mb too. Just wait for the 500 bugs fix in a cpl weeks. Should hopefully correct some of the performance issues.

Thx for reply…please Funcom…this patch lol

I just like to pretend that I’m in a big canyon and I’m hearing the echo of my jump 5 seconds later as it bounces off the walls :wink:

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lol, still weird this hasnt been fixed in a month and a half…it’s just sound delay