PS4 / PS5 System update problem

PS4 Systemsoftware updated to 9.50.
Now i can’t enter the Online Sector in Main Menu.
I restart PS4 but it doesn’t work.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install Systemsoftware update to PS4
  2. Restart Console
  3. Start Conan Exiles
  4. Try enter Online section
  5. Error Message, i’m not connected to PSNetwork

I am experiencing the same problem

Same problem on PS5. Online features are unavailable after the update.

Same here

Same Issue here on Playstation 5 after Playstation update
have already reported to funcom zendesk

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This is a PSN issue. Sony is working on it.



Yup i cannot access any online game at all and sony isnt talking about it at all why do we even pay gor subscription smh

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I have to let my wife know about this she is at playing offline right now. Thanks for the info.

It says the same thing for single player online features are not available check your PlayStation network connection status

No. ARK is down, too.

My guess, a cyberattack based on the connectivity of different online games.

P.S. could be just mere coincidence

I can confirm that this is a Sony issue. The update causes problems with PS plus, I just read it in another forum.

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Hello everyone,

This seems to be an issue on Sony’s side. Please make sure you keep an eye on their channels (ex: PlayStation Twitter page) for future updates on this situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


It seems to be fixed now i can play online again


I’m glad I didn’t update the system this AM and got some playtime before work.

Ohhhhh I see. The update is messing with PS Plus and therefore all online games are affected…oops. Maybe Sony should vet their updates like they vet game developer updates :wink:

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