PS4 Server Selection Bugs found

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Here]


I have figured out a bug on your server list clicking.
When the server loaded out, when you click circle the server name become yellow, supposingly u click circle again to enter but it will. Freeze and not respond.
But if u click X instead it will go into thr server, but it doesnt work with server with password, please help to change the bug of the this plz thanks

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I am having the same issue since installing the recent patch. Selecting a server then attempting to logon locks up the browser. The only option is to exit to the main menu.

On an official server if you choose to backout instead of enter you are connected. There is no way to connect to a private server that I can figure out. I do play on a private server and have not been able to logon or see the password screen since the patch.

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game without success. My PS4 is on the DMZ. I have tried to connect to alternate private servers to test and again no password screen.

Also I have not used any button remapping on my PS4.

Please help

seem like this bug is still the same, the new update doesnt fix this current bug still.