(PS4) Sins of Salem. New server looking for members. Events, rewards, Discord

Sins of Salem is a new friendly PVP immersive server. We are a light role play server looking for members to fill out roles. We host events and contests periodically with great reward payouts. We also have monthly supply drop options. (Fully customizable of course.)

Sins of Salem was created for players looking for a PVP experience without the worry of dealing with toxic players, or alphas. We have designated temporary housing for new players, as well as providing players with essential survival tools to help them fortify their clan/base.

Server stats:

  • Player Xp: 2.0
    -Xp multiplier: 1.5
    (Harvest, kill, craft, survival)
    -Stamina increased
    -Health increased
    -Stamina cost, hunger and thirst: 0.5
    -Drop on death: Off (only turned on during raid hours)
    Monday-Friday 5pm-10pm est.
    Saturday- Sunday 12pm-10pm est.
    -Player damage multiplayer: 1.5
    -Player damage taken and NPC damage: .07
    -Crafting: .05

If you have any questions, feel free to add us on Discord:

We finally added a brand new Tavern on beginner river as well as more sanitary huts! Stop by and check it out, or add us on discord if you have any questions!