PS4 Thralls turn invisible when equipping something, and salvage packages

I spawned into my saved game after the update and I worked extremely hard at building bases all over the map with thralls equipped with armor but when I spawned in they were invisible, I took the armor off and put different armor on and still were invisible, and all the stuff I had in my inventory turned into salvage packages so I lost a bunch of my good gear


We had the same on official EU pvp server. All our building mats in our chests turned into salvage packages.


Yea same here. For some reason I think they did that on purpose to reduce memory if you had a lot of stuff… I think I literally got robbed. Let’s see what they say lol

I heard that you recover all the materials from the building pieces can not confirm but I have tons of bearer packs and some are very heavy. @Edjuh1992 @PriestessAthena @Dwarvenking19


I changed some equipped armor with others and could see it.

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Ya I just figured out that the DLC armors and a few vanilla ones are the trouble, went through every single armor set to figure it out

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It sucks that you have to fire things out instead of playing the game :frowning:


Eh it’s okay, I just hope they fix it, my stuff was decked out looking clean

So I have to deconstruct my building? It’s a lot of pieces missing and the only ones I can be sure I don’t miss are the walls. There’s lots of decorations and benches that are invisible also. I also had things that were on or in my base DECAY in the event log, like chests and benches and everything is invisible so I can’t tell from where they disappeared but the base wasn’t decaying and had plenty of time on it so idk why things decayed out of the base which I did have happen before the update it just only ever happened to decorations but this time it was a refrigerator and a chest. Eeeek

Also if I don’t replace all of my invisible pieces right away are they going to decay or are they being reset?

I started to go into game to test decay rates and update for Conan-Exi so not logging in. Checking decay yesterday it seemed normal not sure about placables @PriestessAthena

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

We are aware of this situation occurring where there were some invisible assets and we have released a new patch in the meantime.

You can find the patch notes for this patch here.

Please let us know if the situation persists after patching the game.

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