Ps4 too hot while playing Conan exiles

Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None

Bug Description:
When playing Conan exiles after the latest patch after age of war I have been getting a message saying my ps4 is getting too hot while playing Conan exiles my dad hasn’t had the problem but I have and all my other games are perfectly fine I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I have and only after the latest patch

Bug Reproduction:
I keep logging on to my single player world and it says it’s getting too hot and I should turn off my system and wait

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You can vacuum and then blow out with canned air there are videos some people have changed the heat transfer paste under the drive. Many people over the years have had issues with ps4 over heating with this game and not other games. Vacuum and air I have done myself would not take it apart unless you are confident. @Spdalpha are the fans running on your console?

Some things to try.

  1. Clean dust from vents. Older consoles can build up a ton of dust and will affect air circulation.

  2. Switch to performance mode in the menu. See if that helps.

  3. How big is your base? Massive bases can cause performance issues.

  4. Pick up a cooling fan. My PS5 runs crazy hot and an aftermarket fan has made a HUGE difference.

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When I bought the ps3 backwards compatible purchased a 5 fan cooler turned it into a central vacuum cleaner of course didn’t have the internet back then or would have known to take it apart and clean it. Our units are on the shelves below TV’S now so they don’t pick up so much dust which reminds me it is time for a vacuum. You think fan pulling air out or pushing air in would be best? Don’t know what is available @delirium ps wife keeps house like a meat locker.

Little checking you can get with filters now

Best be careful cleaning it. Using a fan could speed up the small cooling fans and cause an overload.

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