Xbox overheats and shutsdown

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Conan Exiles

So I load up Conan exiles in single player and I can playing for 30 minutes at most then my xbox overheats and turns off on me I then have to unplug it from the wall wait for it to cooldown then it works fine

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.turn Xbox on
2.load Conan Exiles single player for X amount of time overheats and turns off

Does your fan spin up very fast (if its running at all)? If it does you probably need to clean out your fan/heatsink.

Or at least make sure your side and rear vents are clean and clear.

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I was thinking the same thing, it sounds more like a hardware issue than software. Definitely check that fan. I agree, Conan taxes the Xbox One but I’ve never had it overheat while playing it, just crashes related to too many assets loading at the same time. I have to slowly jog through my clan’s base and let things load as they go.

I’ve cleaned it as best as I can with out taking it apart and done everything else but still nothing everything seams to be leading to a hardware issue and I really hope that isn’t the end result.

My fan just stays the same speed and I’ve cleaned it as best as I could with a brush and can air.

Do you have any other ideas that don’t evolve me taking it apart

Well unfortunately no… as with any gaming system, they really cheap out on the heat sink paste for the systems (xbox especially). There are some in depth xbox cleaning guides out there that can show you how to disassemble an xbox, remove the heat sink, clean off of the cheap crap and apply new/better paste (like arctic silver).

However be warned you can damage the system beyond repair. If you are not comfortable doing it, take it to a reputable place that can. Not sure how much it costs (I do it myself), but if something gets screwed up, it’s on them not you.

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Make sure your xbox has proper ventilation as well. Having it inside of an entertainment system with a closed back would definitely cause heating issues. You could always use a box or rotating fan to improve air flow, it’s ghetto, but it would help


I think Best Buy’s Geek Squad will work on consles, at the very least I would recommend checking with them. Also does the console crash just with Conan or will all games cause it to overheat? If it’s all games then you know it’s a hardware issue.

This has happened to me at least twice since the 22nd of June. It’'s also happened to a friend of mine. It has only happened while running conan. Not sure about the overheating part but it has definitely crashed my xbox and shut it off. This only happens when I start the game and the opening trailer plays. When I restart the xbox things work fine for like an hour or till the next crash. Then it’s back to single player just to load up online mode.