PS4 version unplayable!

@Tascha mentioned yesterday that late yesterday (come and gone already) or today, depending on the certification process, we’ll have a patch that should bring the PS4 version in line with the patch the folks on PC had updated to in June.

So today should be the day. Should - operative word here.


Yeah problem with that is that it is not the 500 patch. And it is a patch that the PC had. PC isn’t having our problems so I am doubtful this patch would even help us. I hold out hope it will but feel like it wont. I wish they would release a patch just for consoles to optimize the game better and fix the problems we have. Then I would say… yeah Funcom is trying to fix our issues. Still nothing yet.

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That patches going live are not only adding PC fixes. They are adding fixes for issues that have been on all platforms and also address platform specific issues the same time. We are still investigating this issue so there won’t be a fix for this in the upcoming patch.


Thank you for the reply. Hopefully next week :frowning:

That is really unfortunate, because this problem is persistent & unrelenting. I cannot make any progress. Which effectively makes the game unplayable.

I feel like a fool for trusting your company & buying this game when it released. Right now, it’s a useless digital brick. What exactly are your company’s expectations for customers who are unable to play the game we paid for? Your team released an unstable patch that CLEARLY wasn’t properly tested. Now countless players are losing progress & time investments.

What is your team’s response?

“We don’t know when it will be playable again… Sorry!”

That’s an exceptionally special level of BS.

“Hey guys! Thanks for visiting our restaurant! Unfortunately, we have no idea when our food will be edible again, but thank you for paying upfront, we really appreciate your support.” :rofl:

Next time, when choosing one of our restaurants, be sure to stop by any of our XB or PC locations, their food is usually completely edible… most of the time… :smirk:

Look, I’m sorry if my “snark” is a bit rude… but this situation is just one absurdly ridiculous clusterfunk.


You know I was just speaking to someone about all of this. I think I see what is happening now. I think our money, and when I say our I mean PS4 players, that money is funding the PC version. Think about it a second, they have no issues what so ever or hardly any. All patches are basically for them and then we get the trickle down. “The crumbs” as someone else puts it. They really do not care if the PS4 version works because they have that large sum of money now anyway. The game was never made for PS4. To much of a pain to port over and they got it together just enough to release something to sell. Kind of sucks and is really shady. I have learned my lesson Funcom. You got us. Believe me it will not happen again to me. Good luck trying to fund your company the next few years. PS4 players wont fall for it again. Which in turn sucks for PC players because when the money dries up they will just move onto another game for yall.


Same issue. Pve offline and coop. I truly love this game, but can’t continue to restart everytime I log off. Please let us know an ETA on a fix.


I find it really odd, after buying a game, having to wait so long to play, this is the first time I see that! :scream:


Lots of replies. Yes it is. Sometimes the controller doesn’t want to register and I have to restart but nothing like coming back into your game and STILL having all your stuff.


Just a quick update. Since July 4th my husband has been playing both on and offline. While the many glitches continue (building and what not) he hasn’t lost any save data. For some reason the spawn point become unbound. He checks his spawn point at each log on and log off as well as randomly throughout his session. I don’t know what, if anything this has to do with saves but so far no lost items or bases. His progress seems to be holding.


Same for me, but been taking it slow, only level 43 since 1.16 hit. Not playing as much or as long of a session when I play. My gf will be gone a few days next week, will see if longer sessions have issues.

I’m getting more hitches after inventory access but no hard locks. Only one blue screen crash with no major data loss, just a few seconds. Like before, the crash was timed to the autosave.

I have two unfinished bases, waiting to hit 50 and upgrade to a greater wheel before completing. I waited a while on placing crafting Thralls, but stations filled in both bases and no issues.

I’ve not placed thralls in the world yet, so no fighters, archers or dancers. Use the tavern dancers in Set city for corruption removal.

Limited lights placed, four total at only one base. Want to fully build both bases to previous size before dropping world placeable Thralls.

Either they stealth fixed what was broken, accidentally fixed what they accidentally broke in the DLC patch, or I’ve not tripped the trigger on what was causing me save loss and increased crashes before.

Its not a relaxing experience as every hitch I wait to see if it’s a hard lock, I’m waiting for a crash between hitches and when I log out I wonder if this is the time I come back to lost progression.


Well, you reminded me of lights… I had to make the day perpetual on my SP game, because if I put torches in my base, it will be an even more lag-fest than it actually is.

Welcome to the future of online gaming as envisioned by Funcom… where every time you pan the camera around, the game might hard-lock on you.


Got a personal server I play on with a couple of friends. Had some lag issues, at first, that G-Portal took care of on their end. (p.s. Their customer service is boss!). Had a glitch here and there, as all games tend to have. Skyrim, anyone? Flying mammoths? No more lag, at present. No terrible bugs or glitches that have happened more than a time or two. We’re all having a blast. Been playing since release. Will probably continue to play for many more months. I do not understand what everyone is going nuts about. I’m on the PS4. The game is playable.

I believe that Funcom appreciates and values such condescension in its clientele. But each one is free to choose his own way and face its consequences, I suppose.

The fact is that players who are angry or disappointed with the game in its current state due to problems of different natures could have been spared from it. I do not look for negative examples in the competition to justify or redeem a bad initiative. I believe no one is complaining about something concrete - that was part of their personal experience - for free.

Each player is responsible for their own postures. I feel skeptical and pessimistic about the evolution of Funcom’s work because I had daily problems on my server and I gave up playing the same conditions until I waited for things to work normally “someday.” I was persevering to my limit. But it was a personal decision based on real factors.

If you, the player, feel that things are working well and / or any problems are tolerable, have fun. But I did not have that “luck”. Anyway, I find it disturbing to think that your gameplay can be hampered or influenced by “events” that should not be part of everyday life in a game officially released, except in case of being invited to an intriguing test phase of indeterminate period. Wanting to get a stable and fair gaming experience is not a “luxury” or “asking too much”.

Regardless of any point of view, a game may fail or be successful in the market on its own merits. And frankly I would rather see people having fun in peace with CE than attending the forum to discuss what each player is facing or not in their own skin. Would not it be simpler and fairer for all parties involved? But there is a REAL reason for there to be indignation, disappointment and dissatisfaction, and the guilt is not of the evil and impatient player.

For my part, I’ve never had this unpleasant experience on ps4. And while recognizing the potential of the game in “acceptable conditions”, I can not recommend buying CE for any friends, as I do not think it right to consider that the player may have the “luck” (literally speaking) of having a satisfactory experience of game. Maybe everything would be easier if the game did not include “technical survival” in its genre.


The pc vershon is worse

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Thats the point. They(Funcom) think we should Thanks God for having the oportunity to play Conan even being in this state that is like a câncer we cant avoid It, like we should have to embrace It for the Fun part and be Brave and believers that the game Someday Will be totally playable. I think videogames was meant to be a challenge and Fun in even proportion, But we dont have this in Conan, people need to realize that and move on, so that any producer or devs Will think Twice before releasing a trap game like this anymore.


I still have blinded hope that this game will be fully playable at some point in time (lol). However, at this point, I read the name “Funcom” wiithout the “N” as a message to myself and other players who wanted to love this game. We are the “Exiles”, no doubt. Wish everyone the best.

It is a really great game, so I am thankful for my experience through Early Access on the PC. I mean, if you want to talk playability, I started in April 2017, and the game for me has always been playable.

Throughout EA, servers were problematic at times, but it has always gotten better. If you want an opinion from a PS4 player who can compare this experience to a patch level on the PC: we have a way to go. Just keep in mind, please, the PS4 is ported by a separate company, and in my experience with other software this can cause delays between patches.


You made me mad, you said the game is like an early acces but we have to wait? If you can t made a game for a ps4 don t made it, it s awfull.

When you got a big castle, if you crash, you have to wait 5 min before the server isn t 40/40 with 9999ping, they speak about pet/sorcelery/derketo(lol) and we got a dlc for building? I don t speak on official forum cause english isn t my language, but for this game and all the ps4 player, i will up this post every week if i have to.

Shame on you funcom, you maybe won dollars, but you loose so much respect from player


@Barnes, I appreciate your feelings on the game, hell I even watched a few of your guides before it was released :slight_smile: but unfortunatley on the PS4 at least this game is the new No Mans Sky. I watched lots of vids pre release so i anticipated a few bugs, but it seems to be getting steadly worse with each Patch that comes out, and the big patch in my mind is just to much being chucked in at one time.

Now i hope they peserver and do what Hello Games did with NMS but at moment I feel doubtful of this. I just dont see the commitment or the passion needed to get this going. I am sorry to say I havent been able to bring myself to turn the game on for the last 2 weeks, hell I’ve played a bit of Destiny 2 just so i can play with my clan mates (I hate Destiny 2) and since the NEXT update for NMS I’ve been playing that as well.

I am watching these forums as much as i can and will be looking at any feedback about the state of the game once the mega patch is released so hopefully one day i will be back in the exiled lands, i just dont see when at the moment.