PS4 Voice Chat Hackers? Please help

So, as is the norm, my clan and I got into a war with an old clan from our server trying to get their crown back. Unlucky for them, we beat them to oblivion and most of them gave up and haven’t shown up again. However there is one guy who is still here, which we respect. We fought him and found two of his little hiding spots. Blew them up and dumped his stuff. After the second attack he started getting hostile and sending us all messages calling us all names and what not. Normal troll, we just ignore it. Until we decided to report his messages. Then we blocked him.

None of us were on a voice chat as we were talking on our cellphones and no one has a mic connected. This dude kept coming over one of our speakers talking smack , even after the reporting and the blocking! Has anyone experienced this? Is he hacking us? We couldn’t figure it out as his name was not popping up on anyone’s screen. One of our clan mates plays in the same house as me, right next to me, on the same network. That’s how I caught it because he was not coming through my screen. Any guidance would be super appreciated. We hate the cheaters and exploitation. Just honest players having fun.

Sounds like he used in-game chat, especially if you are close enough to try to read names.

Are you saying there is an exploit with the ps4? I suggest to DM Funcom about it.

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Thanks for the reply. I forgot to add the part that we all split up through a private map room to see if he was nearby. No name popped up and after teleporting it kept happening. There was no way for him to follow us that quickly.

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