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Hitting that little love icon so damn hard right now.

That being said. I’ve sent videos of the cheaters cheating. I’ve sent videos of how they cheated, i’ve even sent videos of me reverse engineering how they cheat and likely solutios to fix said cheat. The true PSA here is it does not matter. This sounds jaded, but it does not actually matter how compelling or useful your evidence is. They do not have people who log into the game to check these things and nothing so far indicates that they will take this up.

They quote “1000’s” of servers and queues as an excuse for timing to get around this. Well, tbh there are technically 1000’s of Official Servers…however only 200-300 of them are actively being used now. There are a lot of dormant servers.

Secondly, the feeling I get from having repeated this process several times with them (no outcomes may i add) is they seem to prefer to leave the official servers be as they may and instead put all their energy and focus on coming up with a patch to fix these issues vs dealing with the human element.

The problem with this strategy is that firstly the patch doesn’t ever arrive in time. To be clear, at times the patch never arrives. The people who suffer at the hands of these cheaters are usually the ones who end up quiting the game itself. I think most if not all people on official servers can support the statement that we’ve seen a significant and noticeable drop of players in the last 3 weeks than when Siptah released. It could be that the players are fatigued from natural game play reasons or it could be simply due to jerks who exploit ruining their experiences.

I say this… in order to have community support staff be effective, then first they have to acknowledge that having a community is important to support. I say this as no community means no job for community support, so in a way its self preservation should kick in… but it doesnt.

Hiding posts, Unlisting topics and doing everything you can to retain a positive narrative bubble on these forums is just avoiding the issue. Players want to vent, players want staff intervention on some very very easily verifiable evidence of misbehaving of cheating / exploits.

I myself have sent in around 9 exploits i’ve demonstrated to Funcom in the hopes of them fixing. Not one of them have been patched. I repeat, I have gone out of my way to unpack how cheaters do their work, create documentation / evidence with instructions of the cheat/exploit and submit it via their “appropriate” hidden processes…

In over a year not one have been fixed. I can still use them right now if want to.

So …what is the point of the evidence and customers going that extra mile to follow a process, that Funcom themselves ignore.


No matter what game, there are always people that pee in the pool.

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So open up RUST, invoke whatever exploit etc and play the game. Within 1 day to 2 weeks you will get banned. Open up CS:GO, same process… same outcome. Open up TeamFortress, same outcome, same process. World of Warcraft…etc etc… The list goes on. Yes you have people who abuse the trust, and yes they do get some traction before being caught…however, they are banned or removed one way or another.

Conan Exiles is the one game where i never see that last stage of the process occur. Here’s a cheater, watch…they cheat…see…so you see it…yes…days later…still here…weeks later…still here…

So…no… its a throw away remark, but its not true at all…except with Conan Exiles.


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